Sheep placenta is the active materials extracted from the placenta of the sheep. It contains fatty acids, vitamins, etc. It also includes the active nutrition essences like the growth factors, the critical transforming factors, SOD and the transparent gluten. Ever since ‘the cellular therapy’ was introduced, the sheep placenta has enjoyed  a good favor among the Hollywood superstars and the celebrities.

It is extracted from the sheep placenta that has been in conception for 14 weeks and is high in activity. The activity of the sheep placenta that has been in conception for 14 weeks is significantly higher than other sheep placentas, which is considered to be the highest.

High content and purity. The content of the essence materials is as high as 5:1; only 2% of the vitamin C is added with no other additives to ensure high purity.

Full absorption. The specially designed capsules ensure the release of the sheep placenta in the small intestines in the human body and can be fully absorbed with the help of the vitamin C.

The nutrition and beauty effect of the sheep placenta:

  • - To activate the cells and ease the aging of the tissues and organisms.
  • - To shorten the cells’ metabolism cycle and tenderize the skin.
  • - To adjust the Hormone and enhance the sexual capability


To enhance the stamina and ease the fatigue.

Recommended Target Group:

  • Those who suffer from the senilism and the lusterless complexion and wish to look younger than the contemporary;
  • the restless female who are in menopause and suffer from the endocinours disorder;
  • those who have dry skin and gathered wrinkles andcolored facial spots
  • those who have huge stress in life and working and decreasing energy;
  • those who suffer from insomnia, dreaminess, amnesia, soreness of waist and lack of strength and in weak health condition and sweaty, etc.

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